GOP Offices Vandalized Using Biden’s Inflammatory Language

GOP Offices Vandalized Using Biden's Inflammatory Language

Biden’s Comments Sparking Violence? GOP Office ATTACKED!

( – President Joe Biden knows a thing or two about inflammatory language. During a rally for Washington Democrats last week, the aging POTUS called the Right “semi-fascist.” He referred to “MAGA Republicans” much as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton once did with her infamous “basket of deplorables” remark: with extreme contempt and disrespect. Unfortunately for the president, comments often have consequences.

On August 28, vandals used the same derogatory language when they damaged the Republican Party’s local headquarters in Seminole County, Florida. The unknown subjects spray-painted expletives on the front doors of the building and used some kind of adhesive to sabotage the locks. State Committeeman Jesse Phillips told The Hill, “we basically had to break into our own office.”

GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel condemned the action on Twitter, using strong language of her own to describe how Biden’s rhetoric could be directly responsible. She pointed out that the vandals used Biden’s calling card from the rally when they painted “eat sh-t fascists” on the location’s entryway, along with the symbol for “anarchy.”

The attack on the workplace of so many innocent people, many of whom are volunteers, shows with little doubt that Biden’s misguided attempt at pandering to his base is yet another setback to unifying a nation.

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