GOP Poised to Take the Latino Vote Despite Democratic Bribes

GOP Poised to Take the Latino Vote Despite Democratic Bribes

( – In the 1990s, Democratic strategists convinced elected officials and political campaign advisers the way to build a long-term supermajority was to embrace identity politics. The largest potential key group was Hispanic voters. For two decades, Republicans saw the writing on the wall. The media claimed the GOP was too white and risked losing future elections because it couldn’t appeal to Latino voters, especially on immigration.

Here we are in 2022, and it appears the Left bet on the wrong horse. While the Democrats and their media partners bet on illegal immigration being a core issue for them, it’s turning out not to be the case. Many Latinos legally came to the United States from impoverished countries with dictators or government-controlled economies rife with corruption and violent crime. As events unfold across the US, Latino voters are abandoning Democrats.

Democrats Losing Control of the Latino Vote

Latinos are the fastest-growing demographic in America. For decades, they were solidly blue voters. Yet, in recent elections, a new trend began to develop. Behind the scenes, Democrats admit they have a growing problem with Hispanic voters. In 2016, Donald Trump won a small but essential margin of Latino voters that put him over the top. In 2020, the former president expanded the Hispanic vote even more.

The news is good for Republicans who have targeted the Latino vote, and they have Democrats to thank for their good fortunes. Many Hispanics came to America from Cuba, Venezuela, El Salvador, and many other countries to escape corrupt dictators and governments, violent crimes, and punishing economies.

Now, they turn on the news and see Democrats embracing many of the policies they fled from in their home countries. Across America, crime is skyrocketing due to Democratic-led cities defunding the police, instituting no-bail policies, refusing to prosecute many crimes, and locking down their children’s education. In addition, inflation is sky high, and Democrats punished Americans with draconian COVID-19 shutdowns and rules in 2020 and 2021. If that’s not bad enough, some in the Latino community don’t look kindly on big government socialist programs because the programs hearken to the socialist and communist policies they fled.

For some Latinos, it’s too much.

Democratic Solutions May Help the GOP Even More

The only way for any entity to solve real problems is to put aside perceptions, firmly held beliefs, and biases. One must see the evolution of an issue objectively to solve it. Democrats’ dedication to their far-left agenda appears to render them incapable of doing that since it overrides every objective measure to solving their problems. They can’t admit the troubles are due to wrong policies that don’t align with the majority of voters. If they do come around, they must acknowledge their failures. The only way Democrats will change is if they experience one crushing electoral failure after another until they admit they have a problem.

Right now, Democrats believe they have an outreach and messaging problem. Democratic strategists believe if they throw money at messaging, it will solve all their woes. Yet, the only message they have is fear-mongering. The Left thinks it needs to make a case for its horrific policies on education, immigration, jobs, and the economy. The problem is their policies are proving to be a failure for the Latino community.

Democrats aren’t challenging children to learn reading, writing, and math. Instead, they push social justice and Critical Race Theory (CRT). They’re not promoting legal immigration. Democrats are hurting Latino job prospects through their wide-open border policies. Democrats made inflation worse by restricting energy production and flooding trillions of dollars into the economy – creating the greatest inflation crisis in 40 years.

What messaging could Democrats possibly come up with to overcome their record?

All they have left is demagoguing and race-baiting. So, if you don’t like identity politics, hold on tight. It’s the only arrow left in their quiver.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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