GOP Pushes Back Against Latest Bill

GOP Pushes Back Against Latest Bill

( – The push to make Washington, DC, a state is not a new one. As soon as the Founding Fathers designated the district as a federal carve-out, the questions began as to why it couldn’t have statehood.

The discussion gained fresh relevance with the House’s passing of H.R. 51 on Thursday, April 22. The bill would make DC America’s 51st state. Thursday’s vote fell strictly along party lines; not a single Republican voted to pass the measure.

The bill now goes to the Senate; despite the Democratic majority there, the bill is unlikely to pass due to the legislative filibuster.

As noted in the tweet above, the Founding Fathers designed our nation the way they did for good reasons. Aside from these, however, is the fact that this bill is nothing other than a power grab by Democrats — and the last thing our country needs right now is for them to have more power.

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