GOP Senator: FBI Will Be Called as Witnesses to Testify in Impeachment

GOP Senator: FBI Will Be Called in as Witnesses to Testify in Impeachment

( – Former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial is slated to begin soon and it’s already a battle. The GOP has made it clear the vast majority of the senators on their side of the aisle believe the process is unconstitutional. But now, one of them is issuing another warning.

On Monday, February 1, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) told Fox News the Democratic Party is “in a box” because the second impeachment isn’t “wearing well over time.” He went on to say that if they try to open “a can of worms” and call witnesses to testify, the GOP will call on the FBI. The agency will have to explain how people “pre-planned” the incident on Capitol Hill on January 6.

Democrats are accusing Trump of inciting the violence that happened that day, during a speech at an event before the incident on the Hill. The FBI has said they believe the unrest was premeditated, making it impossible for the former president to have incited it.

The Senate trial is set to begin on February 8.

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