GOP to Attack Socialism, The Disrespectful Left and YouTube Censorship

GOP Could Be Focusing on Socialism in 2020

Socialism has taken center stage for the Left since Bernie Sanders made waves in the 2016 election. One Republican Senator is focusing her re-election campaign on the dangers of socialism. Hopefully, other GOP members will follow suit.

Joni Ernst is a freshman Republican from Iowa. She recently launched her campaign to keep her Senate seat and was very clear with her anti-socialist message. She asked people at her rally to help her:

stamp out socialism and protect the important balance between government responsibility and individual liberty.

Although Ernst’s campaign is the first to specifically focus on socialism, many Republicans have expressed concern about Democratic candidates embracing one of the most dangerous forms of government. Finally, the topic is getting the attention it deserves.

Eric Trump Disrespected in Chicago

Politics has always been dirty — now, it’s getting personal.

Eric Trump was at a Chicago restaurant this week when his waitress came over and spit on him. There are no reports that the waitress said anything to Eric, but it’s safe to assume that she hates the Right. What a disgraceful way to exercise your freedom of speech.

Even though the Left tries to preach love, peace and tolerance, their actions very rarely match their words. This is just another incident that proves Liberals need to grow up and stop acting worse than bullies on the playground.

YouTube Suspected of Censoring Conservatives

A document was released on Tuesday that showed an employee of YouTube’s parent company, Google, was accusing conservative author Ben Shapiro of being a Nazi. This comes after YouTube decided to punish Steven Crowder, a conservative comedian, for expressing his views. Steven had made some comments on his Twitter account that were seen as “homophobic.” Crowder wasn’t having any of it as he clapped back:

At first, YouTube did nothing, but after some backlash from the Left, they disabled Steven’s ability to show ads on his account. Ad revenue is a significant portion of a full-time YouTuber’s income. It’s not just about punishment — it’s about threatening the financial security of individuals YouTube doesn’t agree with.

A worrisome example of how the Left is dismantling our freedom of speech on the internet.


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