GOP Turncoat Faces Potential Recall Vote

GOP Turncoat Faces Potential Recall Vote

GOP TURNCOAT Faces Possible Recall… Could Lose Everything!

( – On August 22, Colorado State Senator Kevin Priola announced he was switching parties. The state lawmaker ran for office as a Republican, serving four terms in the House and two in the Senate, but has now joined the Democratic Party. Now, he’s facing consequences for his decision.

On Wednesday, August 24, the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office confirmed that it received a recall request for the senator. Advance Colorado Institute President Michael Fields is leading the effort to boot Priola from office. The conservative claims the lawmaker has moved too far to the Left, even voting to raise property taxes.

The Colorado GOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown released a statement accusing Priola of lying to voters, saying he “broke the trust of those who elected him.” She told supporters the newly-minted Democrat doesn’t represent voters’ views, explaining she supports the recall effort because residents have the right to decide if they want a leftist to represent them.

Petitioners will have 60 days to gather signatures after the Secretary of State’s Office approves the petition for a recall. They will need enough signatures to equal 25% of the votes cast in the last election to be successful. If they meet the goal, they can force a special election.

Do you agree that voters should have the right to decide?

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