GOP Voters Being Attacked for Their Political Beliefs

GOP Voters Being Attacked for Their Political Beliefs

( – One of the best things about our country is the right for citizens to support any politician they choose without fear of harm or retaliation. Unfortunately, attacks on Trump supporters across the country show that some Liberals think using violence is the answer to political disagreements.

New Hampshire

A 15-year-old child was attacked last week in New Hampshire because he was wearing a Make America Great Again hat while volunteering at a polling site. Patrick Bradley, who’s almost 20-years older than the child, allegedly slapped the student in the face and proceeded to attack two adults who stepped in to protect the victim.

Liberals are always talking about how important it is to get America’s youth involved in politics. Apparently, that doesn’t include anyone with differing political views.


A few days before the assault in New Hampshire, another group of Trump supporters was attacked in Florida.

It’s being reported that Gregory Timm drove a van into a tent that had been set up for people volunteering with Trump’s reelection campaign. Timm ran over tables and chairs before speeding off. Thankfully, no one was injured. When he arrived in court, he showed no remorse. Instead, he just smiled at the cameras. Timm is being charged with one count of criminal mischief and two counts of aggravated assault.


Another incident of liberal anger went viral last week after a video showed a man yelling at Students for Trump on the Arizona State University campus.

Members of Students for Trump, a political group with members across the country, were setting up tables to help promote the President’s reelection. While doing this, a young man was videotaped shouting at them and talking about slashing Republican throats.

Student Rights Advocate, Gabriel Nadales, from The Leadership Institute, went on Fox to talk about this incident and others. Nadales said, “Unfortunately, conservative students have come to expect that voicing their opinion … they’re just gonna expect this kind of behavior from the Left.”

It’s sad that this has become the norm in our country.

Democrats have been making jokes about President Trump being a dictator since he took office, yet they refuse to acknowledge that they are the ones being close-minded and making people in this country fearful.

People should always be judged by their actions, not their words, and the way some Dems have been acting says plenty about who they really are.

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