Government Shutdown Averted

Government Shutdown Averted

Another government shutdown has been averted.

The Senate passed a bill on Thursday, just a few hours before the shutdown was set to begin at midnight.

Senators voted 72-20 to approve funding the government until December 20th. The continuing resolution will continue current funding levels, provide funds for the pending 3.1% military pay raise, and provide additional funding for the 2020 census.

One of the biggest issues with the budget is the Democrat’s obsession with not allowing President Trump to move military funds to pay for the border wall. This issue will continue to be debated until the next shutdown deadline.

Republicans on the House Armed Services Committee issued a statement this week out of fear that any choices the Democrats make could be debilitating for the military, saying, “These stop-gap measures do more than just waste taxpayer dollars, they deny our troops and the country tangible resources needed to keep America safe. A year-long CR would essentially cut billions from what senior commanders and national security leaders have testified is required to keep our country safe.”

Hopefully, the Dems will get their heads out of the sand in the next few weeks and start supporting our nation’s military and actually care about protecting US citizens.

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