Government Sued for Deregulating Household Staple

Government Sued for Deregulating Household Staple

( – People will sue over just about anything. Case in point: light bulbs.

That’s right, you read that correctly — light bulbs.

Last year, President Trump rolled back an Obama-era light bulb efficiency standard. Now, the Department of Energy (DOE) is being sued for this decision.

Trump reversed the regulation that required the use of higher efficiency light bulbs. He believed that the law imposed arbitrary buying choices onto consumers. However, certain entities weren’t happy about this policy change and sued the DOE over the situation.

While some light bulbs do last longer and are more energy-efficient, those bulbs are more expensive. Consumers aren’t purely concerned about a light bulb’s lifespan; cost is a major factor in their purchasing decisions, too.

The DOE is being sued because consumers now have a wider range of shopping options when it comes to light bulbs. Unbelievable.

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