Governor Abbott Tells Left to Take Up Busloads of Immigrants With Biden

Governor Abbott Tells Left to Take Up Busloads of Immigrants With Biden

Greg Abbott FIRES BACK at Dem Meltdowns – “Talk to Biden…”

( – Over the last decade, numerous Democratic-led cities boasted they were sanctuary cities. Now, one city’s officials are complaining about hosting illegal immigrants as the Biden administration allows the southern border to descend into chaos. According to a June 1 Center for Immigration Studies report, over 2 million migrants entered the country over the first 16 months of President Joe Biden’s first term. The total number of foreign-born people in the US reached 47 million in April.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) began sending unlawful immigrants to New York City and Washington, DC, on buses right before Easter. He has sent over 6,000 asylum seekers to the two cities. The two mayors say the move is inhumane. Still, the governor says if Democrats want to see inhumane, they need to visit his state to see how illegal immigration is harming communities. He said the cities could prepare for more buses and experience a slight sliver of the challenges the Lone Star State and other border states endure.

If Mayors Don’t Like It, Talk to the President

On Monday, August 8, NYC officials braced as another bus load of undocumented aliens from Texas made its way to the Big Apple. Mayor Eric Adams isn’t happy about the governor’s action and said it was “un-American.” He noted the hundreds of migrants who have arrived in the metropolis are beginning to strain shelters and welfare programs. On Tuesday, the city council stated the buses created a strained shelter system, and vacancy rates were 1%.

The mayor added that nothing is less American than putting people on a bus and shipping them across the country for 45 hours. He alleged Texas didn’t provide for the migrant’s needs and didn’t coordinate the trips. Adams argued that unlawful immigrants didn’t want to come to his community.

Other local leaders have condemned the move. They contend that busing migrants disrupts federal courts and immigration proceedings and unnecessarily risks people missing immigration hearings.

In a sense, Abbott told Adams to deal with it. If they don’t want to welcome the undocumented immigrants, he said Democrats should talk to President Biden about curbing the problem at the southern border.

Texas Pushes Back Against Federal Government

Abbott pointed out that what he’s sending New York is insignificant compared to the millions of people entering the country illegally through his state. The governor noted New York is the ideal place to send them due to their sanctuary status and generosity towards the homeless.

On Sunday, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said busing the undocumented aliens to New York was about “fairness.” He noted that the Big Apple is only experiencing a tiny piece of the problem. While those on buses are a minor inconvenience to the northeast city, Paxton emphasized it’s a significant problem for the border state.

The AG noted the mayors had invited illegal immigrants to their sanctuary cities for years. Suddenly, he stated, they’re upset about dealing with a few thousand unlawful aliens while his state struggles with millions.

As Texas pushes back against Biden’s immigration policies, will liberal mayors force him to reverse direction?

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