Governor Declares State of Emergency, Blames Bidenomics

Governor Declares State of Emergency, Blames Bidenomics

( – The Consumer price index (CPI) increased 0.6% in August after increasing just 0.2% in July. The year-on-year rate rose 3.7%, down from its high of 9.1% in June 2022. The governor of one state has now issued a state of emergency order, and he’s blaming President Joe Biden’s policies.

On September 12, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R) announced he was declaring a state of emergency and suspending the state’s gasoline tax. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics data, much of the rise in inflation was the result of gas prices. They skyrocketed 10.6% in August, accounting for more than half of the total CPI increase.

The governor’s press release stated that he believed suspending the gas tax would “provide direct relief to families throughout the state.” Kemp blamed Biden’s “runaway federal spending” and policies that he thinks have hurt energy production for the inflation. He went on to say that “all Bidenomics has done is take more money out of the pockets of the middle class.” The Republican slammed the POTUS, saying the policies were creating increased prices that are hurting “family budgets,” and he wanted to ensure they received the help they needed to get through the crisis.

By suspending the gasoline tax, Georgians will save 35 cents per gallon on diesel and 31.2 cents per gallon on regular gasoline. Gas prices have increased across the globe after Saudi Arabia announced it would extend a production cut through the rest of the year. The OPEC country is not increasing production, which has caused an increase in demand and is driving up the prices. The refineries on the West Coast and in the Gulf of Mexico have also experienced problems, causing an increase in prices.

Kemp’s press release broke the numbers down in an easy-to-understand way, pointing out that Americans were spending more than $700 extra on their bills than they were two years ago and over $200 more than they were last year.

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