Governor Whitmer Cancels Her Pay Cut Promise After a Few Months

Governor Whitmer Cancels Her Pay Cut Promise After a Few Months

Top Democrat CANCELS Promise After Just 5 Months

( – During the COVID-19 pandemic, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) was one of the most controversial leaders in the country. She imposed draconian lockdowns on her state for months. Worse, a new report indicates she walked back a promise she made to her constituents.

In April 2020, Whitmer announced she planned to “lead by example” and take a 10% pay cut for the duration of the pandemic. She also asked her senior team to take a 5% pay cut. However, according to a May 10 report by The Center Square, Whitmer didn’t keep her promise to the state.

Whitmer, who makes $159,300 per year, only took a pay cut for about three months, returning just $4,917 to the state instead of the $15,930 she promised constituents.

Michigan Rising Action Executive Director Eric Ventimiglia said Whitmer’s promise was a publicity stunt. Her resolve only lasted a few months, while her lockdown measures stayed in place for more than a year. Ventimiglia pointed out she collected her full salary while “upending the economy and lives of Michiganders.”

It wasn’t only that Whitmer collected her full salary despite telling residents she’d stand with them, but she also issued a lengthy stay-at-home order, caused businesses to close, and put a policy in place that likely led to the deaths of nursing home residents. Meanwhile, her husband tried to use his position to get special treatment at a boat ramp, and she took a vacation to Florida and broke her own COVID-19 rules by going to a bar.

Do those sound like the actions of a responsible leader?

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