Governors Blindsided by Biden’s Lack of Transparency

Governors Blindsided by Biden's Lack of Transparency

( – Last week, the CDC announced a major change to the COVID-19 mask mandates. Fully vaccinated people would no longer have to wear face coverings in most situations. Some governors are now calling out the administration for its lack of communication.

According to a May 16 Fox News report, governors felt blindsided by the Biden administration’s rule change. The president didn’t bother to send out a notice to the states that the mask recommendations were changing. New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu (R) said he found out about the change through the media. Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts (R) told Fox News he found out the same way and this wasn’t the first time the president has failed to communicate.

When the CDC paused the Johnson & Johnson vaccine recently over concerns about blood clots, the president didn’t notify the governors about that, either. The governors are asking Biden for better communication going forward because they use it to make decisions for their states. Ricketts also pointed out that the administration is amplifying the mistrust some people have for the vaccine because of the lack of a cohesive message.

How difficult is it to just send an email? Perhaps the administration should reach out to Hillary Clinton, she certainly knows how to do it.

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