Governors Slug it Out in Tense Debate

Governors Slug it Out in Tense Debate

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) and Governor Gavin Newsom (D) have been at each other’s throats for years. The two men are the polar opposites of one another. Newsom is the leader of the most liberal state in the union, while DeSantis leads one of the most conservative.

The two finally met up for a debate, and it was a doozy.

Red State Vs. Blue State

On November 30, DeSantis and Newsom faced off in a 90-minute debate with Sean Hannity serving as the moderator. Nearly 5 million Americans tuned in during and after to watch the two men go after one another’s records. Many critics pointed out that the debate ended up being between the California governor, DeSantis, and Hannity, not just the Florida governor.

DeSantis, currently running for president, outlined the policies he enacted as governor of the Sunshine State. Meanwhile, Newsom tried his best to defend President Joe Biden’s policies. Hannity asked the Democrat whether Biden was paying him to defend him.

Right out of the gate, Hannity pressed Newsom about his state’s high crime rate and taxes. DeSantis agreed that his California counterpart had a terrible record. The Florida governor, who has banned sexually explicit and LGBTQ+ books for kids in his state, demanded to know why Newsom was allowing pornography in schools. He showed images of one of the books and said, “It’s aimed at children, and it’s wrong.”

Newsom attacked DeSantis, saying he wanted to “roll back hard-earned national rights on civil rights, and LGBTQ rights, on women’s rights,” abortions, and wanted to prohibit people from accessing birth control.

Poop Map

At one point, Newsom discussed the broken mental health system in Florida. DeSantis responded by holding up a map of San Francisco that had giant circles on it. It allegedly showed the spots in the city where people had found poop.

DeSantis said California residents have freedoms that others don’t have, like the “freedom to defecate in public […] the freedom to create a homeless encampment under a freeway […] the freedom to have an open-air drug market” and freedom for illegal aliens to get public benefits.

Ulterior Motives

The Florida governor accused Newsom of asking for the debate because he’s really running a shadow campaign for president. DeSantis just asked the Democrat to admit he’s running for president. He also called him “slippery” and “slick” and criticized Newsom for the policies driving people out of The Golden State.

Commentators agreed that DeSantis was in his element at the debate with the friendly, conservative moderator. He was able to give the American people a better look at his policies, something that’s hard to do during the crowded Republican debates. It’s unclear whether that will help him in the presidential race.

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