Greta Thunberg Apologizes

Greta Thunberg Apologizes

TIME magazine’s Person of the Year, 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg had to issue an apology recently after telling a crowd of supporters that politicians should be taught a lesson by being put “against the wall.”

The statement, which was made in Turin, Italy, was taken by many as a threat of violence. Thunberg, who told the crowd, “We have to make sure that they cannot do that. We will make sure they, that we put them against the wall, and that they will have to do their job and to protect our futures,” claims that it was simply a translating error.

In a Twitter post, she tried to explain herself, saying:

“That’s what happens when you improvise speeches in a second language. But of course, I apologize if anyone misunderstood this. I can not enough express the fact that I — as well as the entire school strike movement — are against any possible form of violence. It goes without saying but I say it anyway.”

Her apology was too little, too later for many people, including President Trump.

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