Growing Number of Catholic Leaders Support Banning Nancy Pelosi From Communion

Growing Number of Catholic Leaders Support Banning Nancy Pelosi From Communion

Church Movement Against Pelosi Continues To Grow

( – The battle over whether to allow Catholic politicians who condone abortion to receive Holy Communion has become a hot button issue in the church over the last few years. Recently, the debate was thrust back into the spotlight after San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone announced he would be denying Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) from receiving the Eucharist. A number of Catholic leaders are now standing behind the decision.

Bishop Michael C. Barber, the head of the Diocese of Oakland, voiced his support for Cordileone. He called the archbishop’s decision “heroic” and commended him for taking steps to protect the lives of children.

James D Conley, the bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska, also voiced his agreement with the archbishop.

The Catholic World Report detailed the many other bishops’ support for him.

While American bishops might agree with Cordileone’s decision, the Vatican has an opposing view. In 2021, when a debate was raging in the states over whether to begin denying politicians Holy Communion based on their political beliefs, the Vatican warned against it. Pope Francis has also made his position clear: it isn’t a priest’s job to judge worshippers. The pontiff spoke about it last year, saying he’d never denied the Eucharist to anyone, and he doesn’t believe bishops should involve themselves in political disagreements.

Where do you stand? Should pro-choice Catholics be denied the Holy Communion?

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