Grumpy Cat Wins $700,000 Lawsuit

Grumpy Cat Wins $700,000 Lawsuit
Grumpy Cat Wins $700,000 Lawsuit

The infamous Grumpy Cat, a tiny Himalayan with a remarkable face that makes her appear perpetually grumpy, really did have something to be grumpy about, recently. Kitty and her owner, Tabatha Bundesen, had partnered with beverage company Grenade for a series of product placements. What they signed up for and what actually happened led to a $700,000 lawsuit and every reason for this cat owner to not be grumpy.

Key Facts

• Although Tabatha and and Tardar Sauce (the cat’s real name) only signed up to promote Grumpy Cat Grumppuccino, the company decided to use their name on several other products. This violated the contract as it essentially made money on the cat’s identity without permission.

• Grumpy’s human mother wasn’t having any of it; despite the silly topic and comedic attention, she is a sharp businesswoman. Bundesen sued on the cat’s behalf.

• Bundesen’s case culminated with judges siding with the disgruntled-looking feline and her mother. Judges awarded Bundesen with a robust $700,000 settlement.

• Tardar Sauce’s iconic “grumpy face” is caused by a selection of genetic defects, including dwarfism and an underbite. Despite her appearance, she is healthy and (at least according to those she’s met) happy.

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