Guess Who Killed the Police Reform Bill?

Guess Who Killed the Police Reform Bill?

( – What’s being decried as a shocking turn of events, but, perhaps, in retrospect, it shouldn’t surprise anybody, the United States Senate was unable to bring a police reform bill to the floor for debate. Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC), who happens to be the only Black senator in the Republican body, had authored the legislation, but it was blocked by none other than the Dems.

Some of the Progressive Liberals tried to make the claim that the measure was “empty” or “didn’t go far enough.” This in spite of the fact that Sen. Scott clearly addressed concerns the protesters have been vocalizing such as:

  • Making “lynching” of federal hate crime.
  • Banning the use of chokeholds by federal law enforcement.
  • Withholding funding from state and local police forces that do not likewise outlaw them.
  • Creating a national policing commission to do a comprehensive review of the entire US criminal justice system.

Some in the media have pointed out this maneuver effectively reduces the odds of bringing such a measure to the Senate floor this year to zero. A cynical person might note that would push it past the November presidential election and would give the Left another bit of leverage to oust President Donald Trump. Of course, such a person would have to be very skeptical to believe that the Liberals would put their Agenda ahead of the well-being of the citizens they purport to represent.

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