Gun Ammo Sales Go Through The Roof Amid Election Concerns

Gun Ammo Sales Go Through The Roof Amid Election Concerns

( – Millions of Americans have spent weeks preparing themselves for potential violence after the election results are announced. Building owners in major cities are boarding up like they’re planning for a natural disaster. Apparently, people didn’t just stock up on food and plywood, though.

On November 3, the Times of Northwest Indiana reported gun store Blythe’s Sport Shops opened on Election Day and sold more than 80,000 rounds of ammo within the first half-hour. Jerry Threet, the owner of Extreme Reloading in Nevada, said his sales are up 300% to 500%. According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, firearms sales across the US broke records in October. Georgia saw an increase in sales, as well.

Nobody can definitely link the gun and ammo sales to the election, but the timing certainly indicates at least some people are probably thinking about it. Not only is unrest a threat to families, but Joe Biden is a danger to the Second Amendment. It makes sense that Americans would want to ensure they have the means to protect themselves and their families.


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