Gun Control Group Wants Credit Card Companies To Track Firearm Purchases

Gun Control Group Wants Credit Card Companies To Track Firearm Purchases

Credit Card Companies Asked To SPY On Americans

( – Former Representative Gabby Giffords (AZ) became a victim of horrific gun violence. The shooting survivor’s gun control advocacy group,, is a vocal opponent of the unrestricted right to stockpile weapons and ammunition. Once aimed at high-capacity, military-style rifles, the organization now wants to target credit card companies.

On August 28, the non-profit tweeted that payment processors should take responsibility for flagging suspicious sales of guns and ammunition to prevent mass shooting events when individuals purchase unusual amounts of either using credit rather than cash. Giffords specifically listed Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, asking the companies about their policies.

Gun rights advocates oppose any kind of registry for firearms or ammunition. The government has little reason to keep track of armed Americans because owning and bearing arms is a constitutionally-protected right. This avenue of inquiry isn’t gun control’s first attempt at squashing 2nd Amendment rights through roundabout methods. A campaign in 2018 attacked credit card companies for allowing the purchase of semi-automatic rifles — including the AR-15 — attempting to quell sales of the popular weapon.

The tweet didn’t go over well with many on Twitter. Some questioned what the former congresswoman’s organization meant when it said companies should track “suspicious sales.” Others offered thoughts on the liberal bail systems that often see repeat offenders released on the street.

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