Gun Control: What Dems Focus On And Why It’s Silly

Gun Control: What Dems Focus On And Why It's Silly

“Guns don’t kill people; people kill people.” It’s a cliche, but like a lot of cliches, it’s also true. You can load a gun, chamber a round, flip the safety off then put it on the table. Let it lie there all day — hell, all year. It won’t kill anybody. It’s harmless.

Guns only become dangerous in the hands of dangerous people. Yet, Dems can’t see this simple fact. They think they can make us safer by nitpicking “high powered military assault weapons” and other built-in features.

This mindset is a little preposterous; here’s why.

  • You can’t buy assault rifles in the USA anyway, unless you want to do the NFA paperwork, find one made before 1986 and have a five-figure pile of cash to spare. That’s because assault rifles are by definition selective fire. They are essentially machineguns, and sales of new machine guns were banned in 1986 by well-known anti-gun Democrat Ronald Reagan.
  • High-powered? Here’s another part of the definition of an assault rifle – it has to fire an intermediate cartridge. If it’s high-powered, it’s not an assault rifle. Grandad’s old deer rifle is probably three times as powerful as any assault rifle ever made.
  • So… “high-powered military assault weapons” aren’t actually a thing. They don’t exist, even if the Democrats claim they do. That’s a problem for the Dems, but they have a solution: create a new definition.
  • Remember the 1994 Federal assault weapon ban? It labeled a whole bunch of guns “assault weapons” because of the features they had – pistol grips, flash hiders, telescoping stocks, barrel shrouds or bayonet lugs, etc. Only the bayonet lug makes the weapon significantly more dangerous than any other gun. The rest just add safety or comfort for shooters.
  • Seriously, how stupid do you have to be to think banning pistol grips will reduce gun violence or make guns less dangerous? The Allied armies beat Nazi Germany with rifles that didn’t have pistol grips! As for bayonet lugs, guess how many people have been bayoneted to death in the USA since 1994? You got it: none.
  • Let’s also talk about AR15s. Whether you call them “high-powered military assault weapons” or not, AR15-style rifles aren’t the problem. Only about 4% of fatal shootings in the US involve long guns, and that’s all long guns (shotguns and rifles).
  • How many rifles are used in shootings, anyway – and how many of those can actually be classified as AR15-style? The truth is that there’s no specific statistics available to tell us, but considering how many deer rifles, old Springfield and Garand service rifles and .22 plinkers are out there compared to AR15s, probably not many.

The vast majority of shootings are carried out with ordinary handguns, but even handguns aren’t the problem. Criminals are the problem. The sooner Democrats realize that and stop making idiots of themselves talking about “assault weapons”, the better.

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