Gun-Rights Rally Held in Virginia

Gun-Rights Rally Held in Virginia

( – People from all around the country descended on Virginia’s capitol today to stand up for their Second Amendment rights.

Peaceful Rally

The rally, which has been in the works since last month, is a result of Democratic lawmakers who’ve been working towards imposing stronger gun control laws in the state after a mass shooting occurred last year in Virginia Beach.

Counties all over Virginia have been declaring themselves sanctuary counties in an attempt to show lawmakers that they won’t follow proposed laws that take away their Second Amendment rights. Today’s protest shows they mean business.

The new laws that have been proposed advanced in Virginia’s General Assembly just last week. The bills require background checks on all gun purchases, limit handgun purchases to one per month, give law enforcement the power to remove firearms from people who they feel are a risk to themselves or others, and let localities have the final decision on when they want to ban weapons during events.

22,000 People

An estimated 22,000 people from Virginia and across the country showed up to today’s rally, many of them chanting “we will not comply.” Even President Trump tweeted about protecting the Second Amendment, something that may have been done in support of the rally.

Many Dems in the state and around the country have been expressing their fear over the last week that today’s protest would turn violent as a similar one did in 2017. Gov. Ralph Northam even declared a state of emergency last week in preparation for the event.

Well, it turns out that he may have overreacted. Today’s protest was fairly peaceful, with police announcing only one arrest after a woman refused to remove a bandanna covering her face.

It isn’t known if today’s rally will have any effect on whether the anti-gun bills will make it to the governor, but he’s made it clear that if they do, he’ll sign them into law.

Hopefully, the lawmakers in Virginia will listen to what the majority of their constituents want instead of pandering to the Left.

We’ll keep you updated on this story and other threats to the Second Amendment around the country.

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