Hackers Broadcast Anti-War Words on Russian Media Channels

Hackers Broadcast Anti-War Words on Russian Media Channels

Russia Sent Chilling Message by Group of Hackers

(UnitedVoice.com) – Monday, May 9, was Victory Day in Russia, a national holiday commemorating the Soviet Union’s defeat of Nazi Germany during WWII. When some Russian TV viewers turned on the country’s celebratory parade, a message greeted them that President Vladimir Putin didn’t approve.

According to BBC, hackers infiltrated the country’s broadcast schedule and changed the names of every program to an anti-war message about thousands of dead Ukrainians and their children.

Gazeta.ru, a pro-Kremlin network, confirmed the hack on Twitter, saying viewers saw “provocative anti-war messages.”

The Kremlin didn’t speak about the incident. Instead, Putin was the center of attention on Sunday. He spoke to the country, saying NATO didn’t want to listen to Russia’s concerns, and the Russian president accused the West of preparing to invade his homeland. Unsurprisingly, he didn’t bring up Ukraine by name, but he said the threat is growing by the day.

On Tuesday, BBC reported the UK now blames Russia for an attack targeting US commercial satellites in February. The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre Chief Executive Lindy Cameron told the news outlet it’s crucial to identify Russia publicly and challenge the country’s “ability to [carry out attacks] with impunity.”

As for the Victory Day cyberattack, suspects remain unidentified.

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