Hackers Leaked Hillary’s Private Emails–So She’s Lying Again

Hackers Leaked Hillary’s Private Emails
Hackers Leaked Hillary’s Private Emails

The latest Wikileaks are more evidence that Hillary’s private server was indeed hacked “before” she deleted and scrubbed her server.
So once again, we learn that Hillary has been blatantly lying to us.
She was banking on the so-called missing 30,000 emails being gone forever and lying to the FBI and right to our faces on National television.
Being that the hacker got all her emails, it also means they have all the classified communications which put US citizens and programs at a terrific risk!
There are now 50,000 of these WikiLeak documents, and they’re being leaked a few thousand at a time. So there most assuredly will be more.
It’s not clear to what extent the emails will legally implicate Hillary or her staff and associates, but it’s enough to make people very mad. The emails make it pretty obvious these people know they have criminal exposure. They are running scared now and a Clinton presidency might be the only thing powerful enough to keep them all out of jail.
Trump may be trying to stop Hillary and save the country in his own mind, while Hillary may be literally debating for her freedom. So, what do the WikiLeaks really tell us? Perhaps it is everything we already thought about Hillary–and some of us just forgot.