Harlem Residents Have Words for Biden

Harlem Residents Have Words for Biden

(UnitedVoice.com) – There’s nothing new about Joe Biden facing backlash or finding himself in the middle of major controversies and scandals. It’s been happening since well before the DNC frontrunner stepped onto the presidential political stage. But his recent comments to people of color during a live interview with The Breakfast Club podcast really take the cake.

FOX News Reporter Lawrence Jones asked African-American residents of Harlem, NY, what they thought about the statement. And as you might expect, people had a lot to say.

One man said, “Everyone thinks because you are black, you gotta vote Democratic.” This sentiment is not new and highlights Biden’s entitlement to the black vote. Another man stated he felt Biden was trying to convey people of color are invalid unless they vote for him.

Others shared similar sentiments over the brash and poorly-thought-out comments. Yet, Biden only made the situation worse in a later interview with the Associated Press. There, he gave a statement about the death of an unarmed African American, George Floyd, who died a short time after his arrest. Biden claims the incident “…cuts at the very heart of our sacred beliefs that all Americans are equal in rights and in dignity.”

Biden’s claims about equality, rights, and dignity seem ironically cruel, especially after the statement he made about black voters. The fact that he has yet to genuinely apologize only makes the situation worse. Are African-Americans just pawns to the DNC leader? Or, does he see people of color as stepping stones in his sick political game?

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