Harris Blasts GOP Over ‘Ridiculous’ Claim While Refusing to Answer Simple Question

Harris Blasts GOP Over 'Ridiculous' Claim

(UnitedVoice.com) – When the Supreme Court overturned the federal protections outlined in Roe v. Wade, states sprang into action. Republicans across the country began severely limiting the procedure in Red states and pushed for tougher measures at a national level. Vice President Kamala Harris recently attacked Conservatives over a claim about abortions.

On September 7, Harris appeared on the CBS show “Face the Nation.” During the interview, host Margaret Brennan asked the vice president what week she thinks abortion access should be cut off. Harris said the “protections of Roe v. Wade” need to be put in place again. Before the High Court reversed Roe, abortion access was legal up to viability, which experts believe is about 22 weeks.

Harris wouldn’t be put into a box. The vice president said she and President Joe Biden are “not trying to do anything that did not exist before June” of 2022. Brennan pointed out that the Supreme Court precedent never gave an exact week; she said Republicans want a cut-off. She pointed out that the GOP claims Democrats want abortions right up to birth.

The vice president called that claim “ridiculous” and said it’s a “mischaracterization of the point.” However, she continued refusing to give an exact date. Brennan asked about 15 weeks. Again, Harris said Congress needs to enact a law that puts federal abortion protections that were lost during the ruling against Roe back into place. She went on to say American women “should be trusted to make decisions about their” lives and bodies based on their best interests.

Republican lawmakers’ positions on the cut-off date for abortions have evolved over the years as the party moves to the right. It used to be 20 weeks, which is when some people believe a fetus can feel pain. Then, it changed to when a heartbeat is detected, at about six weeks. Democrats, however, do not believe there should be a cut-off date. That position has allowed the narrative to take hold that they want abortions up to birth, and Harris didn’t do anything to change that.

Currently, neither party has enough votes to pass a federal abortion law.

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