Has Melania Been Replaced?

Has Melania Been Replaced?
Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian: https://www.whitehouse.gov/articles/president-first-lady-host-139th-easter-egg-roll/

Here at United Voice, our beloved and upstanding First Lady Melania Trump gets plenty of attention. We love the effort she’s putting into ending bullying and helping children become the best they can possibly be. And then, of course, there is her undying love for her husband in the face of some of the harshest media treatment witnessed in nearly a century. Now, that media scrutiny seems to be ramping up with a new rumor that the FLOTUS was replaced by a body double.
Has Melania really been replaced? Or is this just another attempt from the Left to unseat her from a well-deserved throne? We’ll present what we know; then, we want to hear from readers like YOU in the comments.

Key Points

  • Oddly enough, this “rumor” isn’t even new. It first started with a post by actress and comedian, Andrea Wagner Barton. In 2017, she posted a video with three images. One was a real photo of Melania, the other two images were of the supposed body double. The video was taken at one of the President’s many speeches from early that year.
  • Wagner Barton’s post spread like wildfire, quickly being picked up by conspiracy theorists. For a while, people began to believe that something terrible had happened to the FLOTUS – and that Trump had replaced her with a body double similar in stature and appearance.
  • Anyone with sense knew this to be absurd, especially after Melania herself stood up in public and denied the allegations. But what does a post from 2017 have to do with a new rumor that the First Lady has been replaced?
  • It all comes back to a recent tweet by Sally Pitts, a newscaster with WSFA 12 News. Pitts posted this image of the President and his wife viewing crosses at a memorial recently created to honor victims of the EF-4 tornado that ripped through 60 miles of Alabama and Georgia on March 3.
  • According to commenters, the woman in the photo doesn’t look anything like Melania. They claim the height difference, chin, walk, posture, and even the sculpting of her face are all dramatically different. Others believe Melania would never hold hands with her husband – but we know this to be patently false based on past experience.
  • Truthfully, the photo does look a little bit odd, but it doesn’t seem to be an issue of Melania. The President also looks slightly different, leading us to believe it’s probably just a camera issue or perhaps even just the lighting making them look ever-so-slightly uncanny. Certainly, the individuals represented don’t look that different. Unflattering? Perhaps. Fake? That’s a little bit of a stretch.
  • Melania herself recently slammed the media for such negative representation, accusing them of caring more about her personal life than the opioid epidemic. At the closing of year one for her Be Best initiative last week, she heavily criticized them for focusing on fake news over what Americans really want.
  • The long and short of it is this: rumors about the First Lady are unfortunately about as common as mosquitos in the summertime. They’re just about as annoying, too. But ultimately, they’re all false. No one has replaced our beloved FLOTUS nor is there any intention to get rid of her.

Unless, of course, you count the hateful Left. Certainly, they’ve tried their best to drag her through the mud and turn her into something she isn’t. The good news is that real class outshines the haters every single time.