Have They Sounded Taps for the 2nd Amendment?

Have They Sounded Taps for the 2nd Amendment?

When a fallen first responder or soldier is laid to rest, Taps is the mournful song bugles play to say a final farewell. Many people do not know there are lyrics that pay a final tribute to the one who was lost.

Day is done,
Gone the sun,
From the hills,
From the lake,
From the skies.
All is well,
Safely rest,
God is nigh

Sad to say the buglers are warming up to play it for the demise of the 2nd Amendment.

The candidates vying for the 2020 Presidential nomination for the Democrats have been tossing out their various plans for gun control. Most are directly aimed at the death of the 2nd Amendment. The fearmongering Progressive Liberals are using the recent spate of mass shootings as a pretext to confiscate guns while prevaricating and telling the public that the forced taking of a person’s arms is the furthest thing from their minds.

However, consider the case of Stephen Nichols. Nichols is an 84-year old veteran of the Koren War and served six decades in law enforcement in Tisbury, Massachusetts. He now works as a school crossing guard. A waitress at a local restaurant overheard him discussing the school resource officer who leaves his post to grab some coffee in the mornings. Nichols commented to a friend that this leaves the school vulnerable to someone to “shoot it up.” The eavesdropper wasn’t privy to the entirety of the conversation but called the police when she heard that one out-of-context phrase.

The reaction of the police was as swift as it was unfair, some might even say unconstitutional. While Nichols was on duty shepherding children across the street, he was relieved of that responsibility on the spot by Police Chief Mark Saloio, then driven to his home where his guns and firearms license were seized.

If that’s not bad enough, just wait, it gets worse.

While city officials are being tight-lipped on the incident, they have not filed any charges in the case and have returned Nichols to his crossing guard post. This can only be seen as a tacit admission of the gross error they made in violating his rights to bear arms and due process under the law. But, and this is a BIG ONE, they have refused to return Nichols’ legally owned and licensed guns and insist they will be sold.

For Americans who believe in the Constitution and the rule of law, this is a nightmare-inducing event, with visions of jackboots marching through their heads. While the Supreme Court may eventually hear this case and quash this kind of behavior, it can take years for a case to wind its way through the system. The case of the Colorado baker, for example, who stood on his 1st Amendment right to freedom of religion in refusing to bake a special-order cake for a same-sex wedding, had to wait six years before the SCOTUS vindicated him.

A great deal of damage can be done by an overbearing government in that amount of time — if we let it.

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