Health Benefits of Beer

Health Benefits of Beer
Health Benefits of Beer

Do you enjoy a beer every now and then, but tire of hearing how awful it is for you? Then we have good news for you! Beer really does have significant health benefits — when consumed in moderation, of course. So, don’t start defending a nightly bender just yet, but do consider what just one beer a day can do for you.

Avoid Kidney Stones

We all know how good beer is at making you frequently need to empty your bladder, but a study in Finland showed that breaking the seal on a Friday night does such a good job of it that the kidneys are cleared enough to decrease your chances of a kidney stone by 40 percent for each beer you drink. We know some of you are doing the math and thinking “So a six pack could give me negative kidney stones…” but, too much beer can be toxic because your liver can’t keep up with it. Stick with one beer a day and your fountain will be running free and clear.

Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Too much beer is dangerous for Type 2 diabetics because it causes their sugar to spike. But the Dutch have found over a four year study that when people who don’t normally drink consumer one to two beers a day, they have less of a chance of becoming diabetic. Don’t start clinking glasses at your favorite drinking hole just yet, though. For those who already drink, increasing your intake doesn’t help prevent anything and may in fact push you much closer to Type 2 Diabetes.

Boost Confidence and Creativity

We’ve all seen, heard or been that guy who feels an extra dose of courage after a few drinks. Studies have shown that it may not all be false courage. After a few drinks, people not only have more self confidence and good things to say about themselves, they also have enhanced problem solving skills and creativity, according to a study published by Consciousness and Cognition. It may not be a chemical response though, as these studies were conducted using fake beer as well and yielded the same results.

Reduce Risk of Heart Disease

Italian researchers found that the risk of heart disease drops by 42 percent when you drink in moderation. Tip the scales too far and you increase your chances of heart disease, so when you say you’re going to have a beer, it’s a good idea to stick with just one or two.

Get a Faster Workout Recovery Time

Your buddies might shake their heads at you when they’re chugging Gatorade and you’re enjoying a cold beer after a workout, but one Spanish study revealed that beer can hydrate you better than sugar water. (How ironic, since dehydration from drinking plays a large role in hangovers.)

Stop the Development of Cataracts

Those friendly Canadians have found the perfect reason to have a pint. As it turns out, a lager or stout a day can cause your body to produce antioxidants that prevent cataracts. The bad news is that too much beer can double your chances of making your vision worse by causing cataracts, bringing a whole new meaning to the term “beer goggles.”

Lower Your Blood Pressure

You know those women who seem to always be stressed out, with a glass of wine in hand? There’s a good reason for it. They might want to trade their grapes of wrath for a foamy brew. Why? Because beer does a better job of reducing your blood pressure than wine, mixed drinks, or straight shots.

Increase Bone Density

This is particularly important to those of you who aren’t exactly graceful after a couple of drinks. A study done by Tufts University found that men who just have a couple of beers a day have 4.3 percent denser bones than non-drinkers. On the flip side, those who consumed more than a drink or two had more than 5 percent lower bone density. What’s that mean? The denser your bones are, the stronger they are (with extreme exceptions) and the harder they are to break. So, if you only have a beer or two and fall off your bar stool, your pride is going to take far more damage than your bones.
Like many of life’s pleasures, it seems that beer has a multitude of benefits… as long as it is consumed in moderation.