Helicopter Crashes in Midtown

Helicopter Crashes in Midtown

A Terrifying Accident…or An Act of Terror?

New York City residents were briefly reminded of the terrible events that took place on September 11, 2011, this week, when a helicopter crashed atop a building in New York.

Rumors that the crash may have been associated with terror spread rapidly through the media. Some, like First Responders and victims of the original event, may have even experienced feelings associated with PTSD.

The pilot flew erratically during foggy weather at 2 pm before crashing on the AXA Equitable Center’s roof near Times Square. A small fire started and was contained by first responders at 3 pm. The pilot was the only casualty.

Despite the rumors, authorities don’t believe it was an act of terror. Still, the exact cause of the crash has not been identified.