Here We Go Again With Mask Mandates

Here We Go Again with Mask Mandates

( – It seemed like mask mandates were with us forever and Americans accepted the reality that they were a required part of civil society. As COVID-19 cases dropped rapidly through the spring and early summer, the CDC recommended new guidelines that said vaccinated individuals no longer needed to mask up. That might be changing yet again.

Will Masks Return?

Health officials state that the Delta variant spreads largely among the unvaccinated. Yet, several communities are already returning to indoor mask mandates regardless of one’s vaccination status. The Biden administration is also considering recommending all Americans don the mask again.

Are we really going to be forced to wear them yet again? There are so many reasons to reconsider this strategy moving forward.

Why a Mask Mandate at This Point Makes Little Sense

There are numerous reasons why mask mandates shouldn’t be re-instituted. Perhaps the best explanation is that this is America. It’s the land of liberty. While only a little more than 50% of Americans are vaccinated, they chose to get the vaccine and accepted the consequences.

Likewise, the unvaccinated decided to live with their choices. The point, here, is that each person can make an informed decision based on a number of personal factors.

If people choose not to get vaccinated, and later become sick, why is that a concern to the vaccinated? After all, if an inoculated individual contracts COVID-19 or the delta variant, we’re told they should have a minimal negative experience. Many may get it and never even know. So, what’s the problem if someone chose a different path that comes with more risk?

There’s another reason to reconsider a mask mandate, and it concerns vaccinations. If they truly work, why do the vaccinated need to be masked? Furthermore, if health and government officials want to encourage the vaccine, doesn’t masking up discourage people from getting it?

How has one’s life changed or improved? Why would anyone get vaccinated if the message is that it doesn’t work? People who choose not to get vaccinated still have a choice.

Isn’t it time to move on?

Do Masks Really Prevent COVID-19 Spread?

Let’s also consider if masks truly prevent COVID from spreading. For all the overblown talk about them, there isn’t a scientific consensus that says they do. In states that ended their mask policies ahead of others, the results weren’t much different from states with the restrictions.

Why is that?

Do you remember the holidays? Health officials weren’t worried about people contracting the virus in public. They were worried about us at home. People were discouraged from gathering with their families at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Officials told Americans that the virus spread in smaller, highly close contact, indoor atmospheres — or so they said.

Politicizing the Pandemic

Perhaps one of the challenges for Americans is the ever-changing positions and contradictions and the lack of candidness. When the nation’s top infectious disease doctor admits he lied to Americans, that’s a problem. When the rules change for no apparent scientific reason, that’s a problem. It’s not an issue that science changes as research develops new information. It’s the manipulation of information that drives a lack of trust and skepticism among the public. The actual problem from day one was the pandemic was politicized for political gain.

The Real Ignored Risk

The biggest risk in all of this is to each other. Restrictions are pitting Americans against one another. If you’re not vaccinated, you’re discriminated against. It doesn’t matter that you’re protected because you contracted the virus sometime in the last year.

Perhaps there’s a good medical reason you and your doctor decided you should opt out. The point is simple: it’s no one else’s business. All mask mandates do is create resentment.

America deserves better than this from all levels of government. We don’t need mandates from people who appear power-hungry. What Americans do need is a government that gives them options, is frank with them about the realities and empowers good decision-making.

Life is full of risks. Every decision one makes is a risk. Your liberties come with risks. That doesn’t mean the government should restrict them.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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