Here’s How the Insurance Industry Is Responding to COVID

Here's How the Insurance Industry Is Responding to COVID

( – When the pandemic began, many industries had to figure out how to address the growing problem. The insurance industry was no different, and the companies quickly figured how to meet the growing needs of their clients.

Health insurance companies implemented policies expanding telehealth services for no cost, in many cases. This meant clients could receive medical care from the comfort of their homes and not expose themselves to the virus. Most insurers also agreed to cover the cost of testing, allowing people to find out if they had the virus quickly, and quarantine without getting many others sick.

As COVID-19 vaccine distribution gets underway, many insurers are indicating they’ll cover the cost.

Insurers responded to the crisis as they should have and the country is better off as a result. Americans were able to receive testing, treatments, and, eventually, they’ll get the vaccines if they want it without worrying about financial ruin. That’s exactly how the industry should work all the time.

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