Here’s What NYPD is Doing With Arrested Looters and Rioters

Here’s What NYPD is Doing With Arrested Looters and Rioters

( – Hundreds of protests took place across the country this weekend and early this week — many turning violent. According to the New York City Police Department, over 650 protestors and rioters were arrested on Monday night alone. Unfortunately, they won’t be spending any time in jail.

During an interview with the New York Post, New York City police chief, Terence Monahan, said most of those arrested will be immediately released without bail. This is thanks to the state’s new bail-reform law which went into effect earlier this year. 

Originally, the bail-reform law was meant to reduce the number of incarcerated people jailed because they couldn’t afford to pay bail. Now, anyone arrested for most misdemeanors, to include stalking and burglary, doesn’t need to post bail. 

Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) recently slammed both Mayor Bill de Blasio and the NYPD police chief for failing to control the riots, saying police weren’t doing their jobs effectively. 

Chief Monahan was “extremely outraged” by Cuomo. He said his officers are dealing with violent situations and cops shouldn’t have to deal with bricks, bottles, and rocks being thrown at them. 

He continued to say that for Cuomo to make a comment like that, while sitting behind his desk, is nothing short of “outrageous.” Under the current bail-reform law, it appears New York’s law enforcement agencies are fighting a losing battle.

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