Here’s When John Fetterman Could Be Released From the Hospital

Here's When John Fetterman Could Be Released From The Hospital

( – During the 2022 Democratic primary for the Pennsylvania Senate seat, then-Lt. Governor John Fetterman had a stroke. He went on to win the nomination but spent weeks recovering at the beginning of the campaign. He beat Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz and was sworn into office in January. His health problems persisted, and he is currently hospitalized. However, there are reports indicating doctors might release him soon.

Fetterman checked himself into Walter Reid National Military Medical Center in mid-February to receive treatment for clinical depression. On March 14, reporter Manu Raju posted an update about the freshman senator on Twitter. He said Fetterman, who has been hospitalized for a month, is still there because doctors are trying to sort out his medications.

A source close to the senator told the CNN reporter that Fetterman will be “as good or better than his best days post-stroke.” He could leave the hospital in the next couple of weeks.

According to the National Institutes of Health, roughly 21 million adults (8.4% of all adults) in the US suffered from at least one major episode of depression in 2020. Of those, about 66% of them received treatment.

Symptoms of depression include persistent feelings of sadness or a loss of interest in life. Patients can have trouble completing common day-to-day activities like combing their hair or getting out of bed. Some people who suffer from the disorder have thoughts of self-harm.

A US lawmaker reaching out and getting help goes a long way toward ending the stigma of mental health treatment. Fetterman’s colleagues applauded him for checking himself into the hospital to receive care. For example, Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) posted a message of support for the senator on social media. He said he was praying for the Democratic lawmaker. He also expressed hope that he could “find strength, peace, support, and recovery.”

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