Hero Airman Dies Resisting Robbers

Hero Airman Dies Resisting Robbers
Hero Airman Dies Resisting Robbers

Taking on armed criminals is a risky business, but for some people it’s just not in their nature to stand back and let lawbreakers get away with it. Many of these people are drawn to the US Armed Forces, and whether they’re in or out of uniform they’re trained and willing to run towards the sound of the guns.
That willingness had tragic consequences for one young airman when he found himself facing a pair of violent criminals in Arkansas. Choosing duty over self-preservation, Senior Airman Shawn McKeough intervened – and paid with his life.  
We can no longer help SrA McKeough, but we can remember his sacrifice and help bring these awful criminals to justice.

Key Points

  • Witnesses say that around 11:30 p.m. on Friday, March 15, Senior Airman Shawn Mckeough pulled up to a gas station in North Little Rock. Mckeough was active duty USAF and stationed at the nearby Little Rock Air Force Base.
  • While he was waiting, two assailants with drawn handguns entered the store and attempted to rob the cashier. Mckeough, refusing to be intimidated by their threats, intervened to protect the clerk and was fatally shot.
  • Senior Airman McKeough of Westbrook, Maine, was pronounced dead at the scene of the crime. His killers fled, but police have camera footage they hope will help identify and capture them.
  • The revealing camera footage clearly indicates that one of the assailants was male. He was wearing a black Nike hoodie and Adidas pants. The other suspect wore a black and white panda hat with a red bandanna over the front, leaving only their eyes exposed.
  • There’s a $10,000 reward for information leading to the capture of these brutal killers. But more importantly, they deserve to face justice for taking away the life of one of our respected servicemen.
  • If you, or anyone you know, has information on this crime, please do the right thing. You can contact the North Little Rock Police Department at 501-680-8439.