Hero Dogs 2020

Hero Dogs 2020

(UnitedVoice.com) – The greatest awards competition in America is back for its latest installment. The Emmys? No. The Oscars? Hardly. No, it’s dedicated to our furry canine friends, it’s Hero Dogs 2020! It’s time for the semi-finals and people can vote here for their favorites in these categories:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Guide / Hearing
  • Military
  • Search and Rescue
  • Service
  • Shelter
  • Therapy

Let’s look at the ones who are out there wagging their tails and begging for treats that are votes, not dog biscuits.

Law Enforcement:

Axel from Scranton, Pennsylvania was first adopted as a pup by a US Marine Corps veteran to help cope with the devastating after-effects of serving in combat. His human liked to take walks in the woods with him, and his love of searching for things quickly became apparent, and a K-9 cop was born.

Denny from Lyndhurst, New York uses his nose at JFK airport as part of the Beagle Brigade. He plies his trade searching for fruits, vegetables, and other biologics that don’t belong in our country. It’s not unusual for him to root out 25 to 30 planted items a day.

K-9 Cody from Newport News, Virginia got her start as an explosive detection expert at the US Embassy in Iraq. Like many veterans returning from the Middle East, she has a blast serving as part of the Thin Blue Line.


Kissable Katie from Palm Coast, Florida serves double duty for her disabled human. Not only does she provide a set of eyes that allows her person to move through the physical world more easily, but she can also detect an oncoming epileptic seizure. She is credited with saving her companion’s life several times.

Beethoven is from Loveland, Colorado where she helps a person who suffers from Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS). This horrific disease literally burns a person from the inside out. Her companion beat the odds after being told at nine years old an unlikely survival would likely result in being a human vegetable. Now she guides her companion through the day from home, to work, and then to a volunteer job where she even gets in on the act and shakes the hand of every donor.

Aura from Brunswick, Maine, serves as a pair of ears for a military veteran who was deafened in a rocket attack while deployed in Afghanistan. Like the other Superdogs in this category, she’s on duty 24/7/365, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.


Rek from Sarasota, Florida, is a retired Explosives Detection Dog who spent five straight years in the Middle East deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Blue II P491 from Lawrenceville, Georgia did her service in the United States Marine Corps. She went on more than 300 missions sniffing out improvised explosive devices (IED) and frequently saved the lives of her fellow soldiers.

Ali from Kings Bay, Georgia is a proud member of the United States Coast Guard who was the lead K-9 unit for Super Bowl LIV. Her main duty station is at Port Canaveral, Florida, where she has inspected more than 11,000 passengers.

Search and Rescue

Remington (a.k.a. Remi ) from Montgomery, Texas, spent his career traveling across the United States assisting law enforcement and fire departments and is Certified in Human Remains Detection. His other talents include finding missing persons, working cold cases, and living in and representing fire stations, providing a helping paw to help destress firefighters. He recently battled cancer and won, but lost a leg in the process.

Küsse from Sheffield, Alabama recently put her sniffer to work in the aftermath of tornadoes in Nashville where she found people trapped under debris and helped to bring closure to families by finding loved ones who sadly lost their lives.

Little Man from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma was a victim of the massive EF5 tornado that devastated Moore, Oklahoma in 2013. After being saved from the rubble and rescued, he works hard to return the favor using his muscles and his snout to cover large swaths of ground in emergency situations.


Hero from Lancaster, California, helped his human with medical issues and overcame a severe antisocial mindset. He’s already a little bit of a celebrity having made the semi-finals of America’s Got Talent (AGT) in 2017.

Dolly Pawton from Naples, Maine may not have a degree in nursing, but that doesn’t stop her from warning her human/patient when her blood pressure or heart rate moves into dangerous territory. Not only that, but she has helped her charge reintegrate with the outside world after being isolated because of PTSD suffered as a victim of domestic violence.

Sobee from Holts Summit, Missouri, is credited with saving the life of a combat vet from his own hand. After returning from two tours in the Middle East, her compadre suffered from PTSD and began self-medicating in an attempt to cope with life. Unlike all too many of those who return from war, good fortune connected him with the group called “K9s on the Front Line” which prevented him from completing suicide.


Noah from Mineral Point, Wisconsin was born with no eyes and damaged hind legs that required the use of a doggy wheelchair, but he hasn’t let that stop him. Instead, he’s traveled to schools showing kids that it’s okay to be different and that nobody should be bullied just because they are. He also heads to nursing homes and loves on the seniors there.

Mona Pants from Zebulun, North Carolina is a social media influencer. In what started off as a lark for family and friends, soon turned into thousands of followers. She now uses her platform to raise money for other puppies in need, whether that be dog beds for animal shelters, wheelchairs, or spaying and neutering, she’s always there to lend a helping paw.

McKenzie (a.k.a. Kenz) from Hilton, New York, was born with a cleft palate that forced her to be hand-fed for the first year of her life battling related illnesses until the condition was surgically fixed, which really makes her a very fortunate shelter dog. But even in those days, her maternal instincts were obvious as she loved to take care of other baby animals at the facility. Now she’s a foster mom to young animals of any species or size, comforting them and teaching them how to socialize and the like.


Bandit from St. Robert, Missouri is a huge fan of giving back to the community, having been rescued just days before he was scheduled to be euthanized. Part of the reason he’s such a “huge” fan is simply genetics because he is a Great Dane. Working through the USO, he provides comfort to veterans and even keeps an eye on them if they are a suicide risk. He also works with kids who are facing the grim task of watching a loved one being buried.

Olive from Jefferson City, Missouri, is not a beagle but she does work within the legal system. When trying to obtain a conviction against somebody who has abused a child, the prosecution’s main witness is often the victim. Testifying in court can be difficult enough for an adult, but for kids, it can be extremely traumatic over and above what they suffered in the first place. That’s where this pooch comes in. Acting as an anchor, she helps youngsters navigate the complex judicial system.

K-9 Raider from Corona, California, also serves as a pawtner in crime for those in need. Like Olive above, he has helped children who’ve been abused, face their tormentors in court. He is also a member of the Riverside County Crisis Response Team and has gone out to the scenes of mass shootings to offer what comfort he can.

It’s an undeniable fact that there is some sort of innate connection between dogs and humans. When it comes to the love they show for us, these pups are just the proverbial tip of the iceberg. By casting your vote here you can give a nod of appreciation to all the furbabies in your life.

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