He’s FIRED – Journalist Gets the Axe Over Misinformation!

AP Reporter Fired After False Report Involving Ukraine Missile

AP Reporter Fired After False Report Involving Ukraine Missile

(UnitedVoice.com) – The Associated Press (AP) published a story on November 15 that caused widespread panic. National Security journalist James LaPorta reported an anonymous “senior US intelligence officials [said] Russian missiles crossed into” Poland and killed two civilians. Though the organization retracted the report, the stain remained, and officials had to take action.

According to a report in Confider, The Daily Beast’s weekly newsletter, the AP has fired LaPorta. The article violated the company’s rule requiring “more than one source when sourcing is anonymous.” The only exception to the requirement is when the tip comes from “an authoritative figure who provides information so detailed,” there is no question as to whether it’s true. Another journalist, John Leicester, co-bylined the story but the news agency has not fired him.

The original report caused widespread panic about the possibility of WWIII when it went out to thousands of news publications across the world. President Joe Biden and allies have always stated that if Russia targets a NATO ally, it would prompt a military response.

A day later, the AP retracted the previous story and reported the missile likely came from Ukraine. A spokesperson for the news agency didn’t comment on LaPorta’s termination but told the Confider that its “rigorous editorial standards and practices” ensure the outlet is reporting “accurate, fair, and fact-based” information.

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