HHS Accuses CDC of Harboring Anti-Trump Unit

HHS Accuses CDC of Harboring Anti-Trump Unit

(UnitedVoice.com) – On Friday, September 11, POLITICO published a “report” claiming officials within President Donald Trump’s administration were interfering in the CDC. According to the leftist publisher, Health and Human Services (HHS) Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs, Michael Caputo, and his team were demanding the right to review CDC reports given to health officials. Of course, the news organization made it all sound nefarious. Caputo, however, set the record straight on Sunday.

During a Facebook Live video (now removed), the HHS official reportedly said there were scientists within the CDC who were running a “resistance unit.” Caputo alleges those people were meeting with one another and plotting to “attack Donald Trump” because they want COVID-19 to rage until “Joe Biden is president.”

On Monday, Caputo dismissed the media’s feeding frenzy.

There’s no evidence the Trump administration was trying to use the CDC to lie to the American people. Caputo said he was just trying to protect the president from bad actors. Any attempt to distort that is just a sad attempt to damage the commander-in-chief as he tries to deal with a global pandemic.

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