Hiking Groups Attempt to Separate People Based on Skin Color

Hiking Groups Attempt to Separate People Based on Skin Color

(UnitedVoice.com) – Hiking is a great way to exercise and explore the beauty of your surroundings. That’s especially true if you live somewhere with as much awe-inspiring nature as Oregon. One man is hosting hikes that only allow people who have the same ideology to join.

Tyrone Wilson, a black actor with the Oregon Shakespeare Company, loves hiking. He joined groups like OutGrown, People of Color Outdoors, and Unlikely Hikers. The groups get folks together who they think will make people of color and those with other beliefs feel more comfortable going out into the woods together.

Wilson told Oregon Live that every Monday since 2015, he has gathered colleagues and other community members together to go hiking. He said he doesn’t look like a hiker, but that doesn’t stop him. He said he has “given all [his] efforts to attract people” to join the hikes. He claims that gathering like-minded people “has fewer unknowns” than hanging out in the city “where you might be mistaken for someone else.”

Kyle Weismann-Yee, a Chinese American who lives in Portland, has also joined the groups that appear to segregate people based on their ideologies and race. She claimed she has seen more of the outdoors since joining People of Color Outdoors than she did prior.

According to its website, People of Color Outdoors is a non-profit organization that provides a safe space for Indigenous, black, and other people of color. They then learn more about the environment and nature while participating in various activities.

While those who are a part of the groups believe they are an excellent idea and have nothing but good things to say, others aren’t quite so sure. Twitter users slammed the idea. One user called it the “stupidest thing” he has seen.

Another user pointed out that it looks as though segregation is roaring back. One woman blamed Democrats.

The Twitter user went on to say, “Coming soon, your own water fountains, bathrooms, and restaurants.”

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