Hillary: “Biden Shouldn’t Concede Under Any Circumstances”

Hillary: 'Biden Shouldn't Concede Under Any Circumstances'

(UnitedVoice.com) – Hillary Clinton has been spewing hypocrisy and hate for decades. She’s certainly made her contempt for the country known over the years. But, she’s really outdone herself this time.

Now, the failed Democratic nominee is giving Joe Biden advice that’ll surely unleash chaos on the nation.

In a clip set to air on Showtime’s The Circus, Hillary told her former campaign communications director, Jen Palmieri, that Joe Biden shouldn’t concede to Donald Trump “under any circumstances.” She put special emphasis on those last three words. Apparently, Clinton is willing to spit in the face of 230 years of American tradition and history.

She said she believes the election results are going to drag out for a long time. But she insisted the Democrats would win if they didn’t “give an inch” and remained “relentless.”

It’s really rich that Hillary is saying this now. It comes as Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media are warning that President Trump won’t accept the results of the election. The hypocrisy is stunning.

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