Hillary Clinton “Performs” at Art Exhibit [PLUS: Cruise Ship Crash and Beekeeping Vets]

Hillary Clinton Performs at Art Exhibit

Hillary Clinton Performs at Art Exhibit

Hillary Clinton made a mockery of herself and her previous crimes at an art exhibit in Venice, Italy, this month.

Despar Teatro Italia hosted an exhibit titled, “HILLARY: The Hillary Clinton Emails.” It consisted of a replica of the Oval Office’s Resolute Desk as well as thousands of pages of her printed emails. The “artist” that came up with the idea, Kenneth Goldsmith, shared pictures of the event on Twitter.

Hillary spent about an hour reading her emails in what she said, “is further proof that nothing wrong or controversial can be found on these emails.” At this point, it’s unclear whether she truly believes she did nothing wrong or is a master at telling bold-faced lies.

Veterans Use Beekeeping to Deal with PTSD

Veterans can face serious problems reintegrating into society after returning home. Two of the most significant issues are mental health and finding work. Veterans Affairs (VA) believes that training vets in the art of beekeeping is one way to address both of these issues.

Although there are few studies on the therapeutic benefits of beekeeping, veterans taking part in the program report that the activity helps to refocus their mind and ease tensions. Showing vets how to care for bees is also a potential source of purpose and income. The VA has also started training military members in farming and other agricultural professions after their service contract ends.

One of the programs, based in Manchester, NH, has 12 participants. Alicia Semiatin, who is the head of their mental health program, is very excited about the results she has seen so far.

“The anecdotes we have heard are fantastic. Folks find that it is really something that they benefit from at the time they are doing the beekeeping and the benefits seem to be carrying over not only for days but weeks afterward. What more could you ask for from treatment than something to that degree?”
-Alicia Semiatin

Other PTSD treatment programs are being tested in Massachusetts, Minnesota and Nevada.

Cruise Ship Collides with WWII Destroyer

Tourists in Albany, NY got more than they expected out of their vacation when their ship struck the USS Slater, a World War II destroyer, earlier this month.

Dutch Apple Cruises operated a sightseeing tour on the Hudson River and was about to return to dock when the accident occurred. No one was hurt, but the Coast Guard ordered that the boat stay docked until they could figure out what caused the collision. After an investigation, it was determined that high winds forced the Dutch Apple to drift into the warship.

Both the cruise ship and the The USS Slater, which serves as a museum, are now back to normal operations.

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