Hillary Clinton Shows Mercy

Hillary Clinton Shows Mercy
Hillary Clinton Shows Mercy

On us. In fact, we may owe her a thanks for making the next election less of a circus and more of a standard event.
The next election is right around the corner — and President Trump is already in a position to win another term in office. Despite constant and undue pressure from the Left, our current leader has maintained robust bipartisan support for his undying willingness to stand up for what’s right at every level. Maybe that’s why Hillary Clinton backed out of running in the 2020 election (a smart decision on her part).
Yes, that’s right. The Left’s biggest malcontent is turning tail and fleeing before she even makes an attempt to win. We’ll tell you what she said and why it’s a sign the Democratic party may be faltering in a quickly-changing political environment.

Key Points:

  • Hillary made the surprising announcement during an interview with News 12 in New York. “I’m not running,” she said, totally shooting down any waning hope. The Left must be absolutely incensed to know their favorite questionable leader won’t be leading them anymore. Instead, they’re stuck with Sanders this time around.
  • But does that mean Hillary is perfectly out of the picture? Based on her own words, probably not. Clinton also clarified that she is “going to keep on working and speaking and standing up for what [she believes in].”
  • Clinton was the first female to win party representation in the Presidential election (for either side); it’s just too bad she was such a terrible representative. The right watched her systematically destroy the Democratic change during last election. She essentially became a benefit to Trump by causing the DNC to split their votes.
  • Hillary has also been incredibly active with the DNC, helping them prepare for 2020 even if she isn’t running herself. Word on the street states that she has held private meetings with Senator Kamala Harris, former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., and several other key players. It’s unclear exactly what role she serves, or how it might influence the 2020 election, at this time.
  • So what does all this mean for the DNC? Ultimately, it paints a picture of a party that feels unsure of itself and who it really is. It’s also a sign that they’re recognizing the folly of having her run in 2016 — so much so that they aren’t willing to give her another shot at the podium. For once, we think that’s a sensible decision.