Hillary Clinton’s Attorney Reportedly Linked to Two Suspicious Election Decisions in Georgia (REPORT)

Hillary Clinton's Attorney Reportedly Linked to Two Suspicious Election Decisions in Georgia (REPORT)

(UnitedVoice.com) – Georgia’s election integrity has been under scrutiny as the state finishes up its hand recount of the ballots. While this wraps up, though, multiple lawsuits are being sent to the Secretary of State and other officials over how Georgia handles absentee ballots and who’s allowed to make the rules about them.

Attorney Lin Wood Files Against Raffensperger

Attorney Lin Wood has filed a suit alleging that Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger unconstitutionally changed election law in March:

The settlement in question was put forth by Hillary Clinton’s attorney Marc Elias, who had over 30 voting procedure lawsuits happening in 17 states this year. The settlement established that if an absentee ballot clerk doesn’t think the ballot signature matches the one on file, they must find two others to assess the signature. Only after confirmation of these other viewers, can a ballot be thrown out.

Attorney Wood’s lawsuit says that this settlement was not fair, as it allowed Secretary Raggensperger to create this new election law, which is something only the legislature is allowed to do.

A Second Suit Likely Awaits Settlement

On May 8, 2020, another suit was brought forth by the New Georgia Project and multiple attorneys, including Marc Elias. While no settlement has been reported for this case, it’s still likely there could be one that affected election results.

Lin Wood asked Georgia voters to speak out against the potential fraud happening in their state:

Who Will Win Georgia?

As Georgia finishes up its recount, the state reports that Democrat presidential candidate Joseph Biden leads President Donald Trump by less than 15,000 votes. However, depending on how these lawsuits shake out and the legitimacy of mail-in ballots, including many contentious ballots marked president-only, we will have to wait and see if this count stands.

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