Hints at Trump’s 2020 Plan Revealed at Rallies

Hints at Trump’s 2020 Plan Revealed at Rallies
Hints at Trump’s 2020 Plan Revealed at Rallies

2020 is still nearly two years away, but that doesn’t mean the President isn’t already planning a push for a second term. In fact, Trump is already hosting rallies and delivering snippets of excitement that detail exactly how his push might happen. Here’s what’s happening and what you can expect to see in the coming months.

Key Facts

• The most revealing piece of information we have so far lies in what Trump is already doing, instead of in the future. Since stepping into office in 2016, the President has consistently visited certain states; this list includes Nevada, Florida, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Ohio, and Minnesota.
• While President Trump explains these visits as providing assistance to House candidate campaigns, it’s also a savvy re-election strategy. All of the aforementioned are swing states that will be critical in his success; by visiting now, he’s playing the long game without most people even recognizing they’re being convinced.
• That subtle push we’re seeing is likely to expand even further, bringing him to a total of around 28 critical swing states and counties across the map. Trump successfully swayed all but 10 of the most critical swing states in 2016; however, shifting tides and pressure from the Left mean he will likely need to work harder to regain support this time around.
• The point of all this visiting and being visible is to lock in votes and support across deep-red counties and states. This will be especially critical in rural zones, one of Trump’s largest areas of support, to balance out effects from heavily-populated Democratic strongholds, like San Francisco and Washington, D.C.
• Republican strategist, Mark Harris, explained the phenomenon in a recent interview. “Their focus is what they can do to help as many Republicans up and down the ballot as they can,” he said. “There is certainly a benefit for him to be in these states — but it’s not the main purpose of this.” But there are some inconsistencies.
• For example, Trump has yet to spend a significant amount of time in Michigan. This characteristically-blue state will undoubtedly become a Democratic stronghold in 2020, without Republicans bolstering support. Trump has a critical role to play in that factor, but it isn’t entirely clear why he’s avoided Michigan thus far.
• Oddly enough, it isn’t as if Trump hasn’t had the opportunity, either; he’s spent time in other stereotypically blue states from time to time. In fact, the President was in Illinois for a rally just last Saturday, October 28. Yet, for some reason (perhaps a scheduling issue), he travelled south into Murphysboro instead of into the northern zones.
• As for what’s most current and what’s coming in the short-term future, expect Trump to spend time in Florida, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. The president is currently working on Ohio, where he visited for a House Election and showed support for Rep. Steve Chabot. He’s working on making friends in a time when the Left is doing their best to decimate his reputation with lies and rumors.
• But what feels most compelling isn’t the fact that Trump is visiting for other reasons; it’s the experience each of his rallies brings. Despite the fact that he isn’t campaigning for himself, exactly, the events feel celebratory, persuasive, and very much like his original 2016 campaign trail rallies. We’re seeing lots of MAGA, Trump 2020, and Keep America Great gear floating around.
• One unidentified White House official took a stab at explaining the current shift, drawing an image of a crafty, yet subtle, plan. “He’s going to states that are going to be critical and important in 2020, and they also happen to house the most critical and important races that he needs to keep the House majority,” he said. “2018 is the focus, but 2020 is the obvious overlay here.”