History in the Making: Trump Brokers Middle East Peace Deal

History in the Making: Trump Brokers Middle East Peace Deal

(UnitedVoice.com) – In a stunning surprise statement, President Donald Trump announced a historic deal that he helped bring about between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The two nations agreed, in principle, to open normal relationships in the realms of diplomacy and trade, among others.

A Little Background Information

Today’s country known as Israel was founded on May 14, 1948, when Great Britain made an agreement, albeit a hesitant one, with David Ben-Gurion. This allowed him to create a Jewish state on a portion of the land they’d intended to turn into another colony. US President Harry S. Truman was a driving force behind that pact, but it was not popular with all the world, especially the Arab nations.

In June 1967, Israeli military forces launched a preemptive strike, which is now called the Six-Day War, due to an increasing number of attacks from Palestinian terrorist groups. The unexpected onslaught allowed them to capture places like the Sinai Peninsula, Golan Heights, and the West Bank. In the half-century since then, armed conflict has become a way of life in the region.

Basics of the New Agreement

As part of the deal made between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — aka Bibi — and Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed of Abu Dhabi, the Jewish state has pledged to suspend their efforts to annex and claim sovereignty over some of the disputed territory. The UAE said in turn, that they’ll no longer demand a return to pre-Six-Day War borders which most Arab countries see as an absolute must for any two-state peace treaty in the area.

Going forward, the two countries have agreed to a complete normalization of their diplomatic relationship. Some of the things it’ll accomplish include reciprocal embassies, shared technologies, and direct airline flights between them.

The View From the Left

With the 2020 elections quickly approaching, the presumptive Democratic Party nominee Joe Biden made an attempt to horn in on this diplomatic victory for President Trump. The former VP under President Barack Obama praised the deal but was quick to note, “I personally spent time with leaders of both [countries]… building the case for cooperation and broader engagement…” in a clear attempt to both remind voters that his biggest asset is holding onto Obama’s coattails and to steal a little bit of Trump’s glory.

In an op-ed on the Leftist shill website Slate, things were a little more skewed looking at this accomplishment through a strong Liberal lens. They even went so far as to call Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s description of this “significant step forward for peace…” a falsehood, positing that it could actually increase the chances of armed conflict in the region.

In Conclusion

Only future historians will know whether or not this will lead to lasting peace in the region where Jews and Muslims have been fighting over this land for millennia. However, it’s worth noting that this is only the third time such an agreement has come about. The first being with Egypt in 1976 and the other with Jordan in 1994.

It’s almost a given the Democrats will either try to claim credit or work very hard to turn this into a negative for President Trump, or both. One might think those are two diametrically opposed ideas and they would be right, but that never has stopped the group from using the same tactic in the past.

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