Hitler’s Relatives Hiding in the US

Hitler’s Relatives Hiding in the US
Hitler’s Relatives Hiding in the US

While Adolph Hitler and his regime committed unforgivable crimes against humanity, should his distant relatives be judged by their bloodline? No way. So why is the media still bothering them?
After the end of World War II, Hitler’s descendants came to be living in Long Island, New York, under the family name “the Hillers” before changing their name again to further distance themselves from the Hitler name. The head of the family, Willy, proudly served in the U.S. Navy, during the war, and those descendants are still present there today.
While they continue to live out what neighbors call “quiet lives,” it’s unfortunate they feel the need to hide from something they had absolutely nothing to do with.

Key Facts

• Their story starts with Adolf Hitler’s estranged nephew, William Adolf Hitler, who was born in the UK to the Fuhrer’s brother, Alois Hitler. “Willy” angered his uncle often by speaking to the press about his personal life, often disclosing previously unheard-of secrets.
• Eventually, the estrangement deepened, leading Willy to head to the United States to escape his uncle’s wrath. There, he settled in New York and signed up to serve in the war against his own uncle in the U.S. Navy.
• After the war ended, Willy came back to Patchogue, New York, and settled in to raise a family with a new German wife. In an effort to hide their problematic history, he first changed their last name to Hiller. In efforts to distance themselves further, they would later change their last name again.
• Over the next few years, Willy had three sons: Alexander, Louis and Brian. All three remained in New York where they eventually raised their own children and started their own families.
• The media originally managed to identify the three now-grown men several decades ago, and while all three steadfastly refused to speak to the media, they have not been left alone to live out their lives in relative peace.
• The great-nephews appear to be model patriotic Americans and all three are Republicans with proudly-displayed American flags in their yards.
People simply cannot be blamed or even loosely associated with the reputations of their distant relatives. This is a big part of the reason why the boys have refused to give interviews or get involved with the press in any way. It’s understandable. Leave them alone. Willy, thank you for your service.
Expect the leftist media to continue to fan flames in creation of social tensions. They continue to do whatever it takes to create division and conflict using race and even heritage to incite social unrest. If they keep this up, will they wake up one day to the horror of a police state they helped create?