Hollywood Icon Attacks Oscars

Hollywood Icon Attacks Oscars

(UnitedVoice.com) – The Oscars have become notorious as a platform for liberal celebrities to show off their far-left views — but it seems not everyone in Hollywood approves. Movie star Goldie Hawn has just launched a devastating attack on the “politicized” ceremony, which is shedding viewers as people get fed up with endless virtue-signaling.

On March 8, Variety magazine published an interview with veteran actress Goldie Hawn. The 77-year-old star of classic comedies like “Private Benjamin” and “Death Becomes Her” talked about her future acting plans and her regrets about missing the 1970 Oscars, where she won the award for Best Supporting Actress in “Cactus Flower.” Then, she went on to blast what the Oscars ceremony has become.

Hawn said the Academy Awards presentation “used to be elegant” but has gone downhill recently. She regrets that the event has “become politicized,” with actors and directors using it as an opportunity to lecture and virtue-signal about their favorite — and inevitably left-wing — causes. There are plenty of examples; in 2016, Leonardo DiCaprio harangued the audience about climate change. Michael Moore used the 2003 ceremony to attack President George W. Bush about the Iraq war. Vanessa Redgrave became notorious for a 1978 anti-Israel outburst about “Zionist hoodlums.” Even at the height of Hawn’s own career, there were incidents, like producer Bert Schneider reading out a message from the Viet Cong in 1975, but they’ve now become depressingly regular.

It’s not just politics that depress Hawn about today’s Oscars. She also discussed last year’s notorious incident where Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on stage and shouted abuse at him. She praised Rock’s self-control, saying, “Chris was brilliant… was able to stand with dignity,” and cited him as “an example of what we would like our world to look like.” She was less complimentary about Smith, accusing him of losing self-control and doing something “horrendous.”

In the 1960s, just 15% of Oscars speeches mentioned political issues. Now it’s 67%. In the same period, viewers decreased from 46.3 million in 2000 to 23.6 million last year. The organizers might want to listen to Hawn while they still have an audience to hang on to.

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