Homeland Security Getting Involved in NC

Homeland Security Getting Involved in NC

We’ve reported a few times on some of the sheriffs in North Carolina that refuse to work with ICE and insist on letting illegal immigrants go free. The Trump administration is working hard to show these sheriffs why they need to step up and protect their communities.


Acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director Matt Albence and acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf visited Raleigh this week to talk with local and state lawmakers and officials about the dangers of ignoring ICE detainers. These directives allow immigration officials to ask jails and police departments to hold someone for up to 48 hours so they can be picked up by ICE or other federal agents.

Ignoring detainers and allowing illegal immigrants, some who have been accused of horrible and violent crimes, puts entire communities at risk.


At Monday’s meeting, people from the community who had a family member killed by illegal immigrants had their chance to speak. During the discussion, Wolf said:

“It is the responsibility of our local, state and federal leaders to take action to protect our community. Unfortunately, what we’ve seen is the opposite from certain elected officials and jurisdictions around the country, and right here in North Carolina.”

Over the summer, Republican lawmakers in North Carolina approved a bill that required sheriffs to recognize detainers. The bill was vetoed by Governor Ray Cooper, a Democrat. In fact, many of the sheriffs who refuse to comply with detainer requests are also Democrats.

Not one single Democratic legislator showed up to Monday’s meeting.

What’s Next?

One person who did take part in Monday’s discussion was Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, who hopes to beat Cooper in the next election.

Without the support of the governor, ICE has its hands tied. Authorities have refused to honor over 550 detainers between September 2018 and September 2019.

ICE has set up a website that highlights which jurisdictions refuse to cooperate with them and added mug shots of criminals that might be released in those areas. At least citizens will be able to be on the lookout if they’re not protected in any other way.

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