Homeowner Stands His Ground Against Intruder

Homeowner Stands His Ground Against Intruder

(UnitedVoice.com) – Last week, a Missouri man had the terrifying experience of finding an intruder in his home – an intruder who wouldn’t leave when challenged. Now he’s spoken to the media to reveal what happened and how he responded.

The Sedalia resident, Mark Ream, was asleep in the early hours of November 17 when his wife was woken by the sound of footsteps. Worried that an intruder was in their home, she woke Ream, who picked up his pistol and went to investigate.

Ream soon discovered 52-year-old Daniel Schnack inside the enclosed back porch. He says he asked Schnack what he was doing there and told him to leave – but, instead, Schnack turned and started to walk towards him. Ream told him to stop, repeating the warning several times before finally deciding he had no choice. At that point, he aimed and shot Schnack once in the leg. He says he didn’t want to fire, but with Schnack ignoring the warnings “and then getting as close as he did to the bedroom, I had to stop him.”

His shot did what he hoped; Schnack turned and ran. Police later arrested him with non-life-threatening injuries at a local hospital, and he’s now been charged with burglary and harassment. Sedalia police commander David Woolery said Ream acted reasonably and no charges against him were planned.

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