Hope Hicks Gives Democrats a Hard Time, Trump Might Tweet Debates and Dems Get Smaller Crowds

Hope Hicks Won’t Give the Democrats What They Want

House Democrats threw a temper tantrum on Wednesday when they couldn’t get Hope Hicks to answer questions as part of their obstruction of justice investigation. Hicks is the first Trump administration official to testify before the Judiciary Committee during the investigation. The Left is finally feeling some of the frustration they have been causing for years. Since the White House counsel has determined that Hicks has blanket immunity, she doesn’t have to answer any questions, yet the Dems continued to grill her all day.

Once again the Democrats are using their time (and our money) so wisely.

Trump Considering Tweeting During Debates

For the first time ever, some truth might come out of the Democratic debates.

The debates are typically a reason for Democrats to get together and lie to the American people about their views, their goals and the President of the United States. Although this isn’t expected to change in the upcoming debate, we might be able to get the truth about everything they’re saying — directly from Donald Trump.

In an interview with Sean Hannity, Trump said he is considering live-tweeting the debates. He wants to make sure the American people get the correct news instead of Lefty lies.

If I were a Democratic nominee, I’d be shaking in my penny loafers about now.

Chris Cuomo Admits Democrats Get Smaller Crowds Than Trump

After giving President Trump a hard time about his crowd sizes since his inauguration, CNN’s Chris Cuomo has finally come clean.

This week he admitted that Democrats can’t pack a stadium like the president does. Senator Amy Klobuchar tried to disagree with him, but Cuomo defended his opinion. Klobuchar might want to get herself some glasses because the crowd for his election rally in Flordia recently was massive. Supporters arrived two days in advance to make sure they could get in. How many democratic nominees can say the same thing?